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Lyme Disease: Just the Facts

In Ontario, Lyme disease can be carried by blacklegged ticks.

Infected ticks need to attach for at least 24 hours to transmit Lyme disease. It is important to properly remove the tick right away!

In Hamilton currently the most common type of tick is the American dog tick and these do not transmit Lyme disease.

After a blacklegged tick bites, you might find a red rash more than 5 cm across at the site of the tick bite. This can look like a bull’s eye, circular rash and can happen a few days to a few weeks after the tick bite.

Ticks are bugs that sit on tall grass and bushes until they attach themselves to a person or animal passing by. They move slowly and cannot fly.

Other symptoms include:
• fatigue
• headache ?
• muscle and joint pain
• fever and chills ?

Seek medical advice immediately if these symptoms appear. Blacklegged ticks may also transmit the agents that cause other diseases such as babesia and anaplasmosis.

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Lyme Disease: Just the Facts