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Grade 10 Bishop Tonnos Business students Make-a-Wish come true

With just 23 days to develop and launch a fundraising project, Grade 10 Business students at Bishop Tonnos Catholic Secondary School had as close to a real-world experience in the high-pressure world of business as you can get.

As part of the Grade 10 business program, students were tasked with identifying, marketing and selling a product, proceeds of which would then go to a charity of the students’ choice.

“Everyone has experienced the challenges of Covid,” said Business Studies Teacher, Gelsie Riverso-Casella. “With classes being 23 days long, engaging in business ventures to give students the experiential learning and the involvement in charity giving was quite a challenge during the 2nd semester of our 2020/2021 school year.”

Some students landed on mental health bracelets while others opted for a summer raffle. Although production and sales were hampered by the move to remote learning, “the experience gained by the students is the true value of these ventures,” said Riverso-Casella.

“Being able to donate net proceeds to a charity is a goal but not the only goal. Each of the students who took on leadership roles for these ventures realized all the hard work involved but expressed desire to continue to be leaders in the future. Preparing the leaders of tomorrow is the best return on investment.”

One very successful venture initiated by the block 7 class was Grad Gift Baskets. The baskets, filled with personalized Bishop Tonnos memorabilia items, were purchased by families of graduating students. Through the net proceeds of this venture, the students were able to make a $250 donation to their charity of choice, Make-A-Wish Canada. The funds will go to Parker, an 11-year-old boy with a rare disease who needs a safe place to play in his backyard.

“Best wishes are expressed at times of graduation and so the desire was to ‘make a wish’ come true for someone in need,” said Riverso-Casella.

Grade 10 Bishop Tonnos Business students Make-a-Wish come true