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School History

Welcome to Bishop Tonnos Catholic Secondary School. Our community was established in 2004. We are blessed to have a modern facility where we can provide an excellent broad-based, balanced education to help young people grow to their fullest potential, where they can see and experience the richness of a Christ centred education, and achieve the academic requirements for the Ontario Graduation Diploma. With the guidance and help of an extremely dedicated staff our young people’s experience will be a journey of faith, academics, social teachings, athletics, relationships, and preparation for life experiences.

It is our goal to serve our community with our pastors, with the parents of our students and with our Bishop, to be part of the Church’s mission to place Christ and the teachings of our Church at the centre of our students’ education, and of their lives, because we truly believe in the inscription in the foyer of our building:

The Reason
The Teacher
The Model
The Awesome Inspiration
For All We Do And All We Are