Student Council

Academic Eligibility for Student Council Members

Because membership in the Student Council is a year-long commitment and requires significant involvement, candidates must meet the following requirements:

Candidates for any office must have maintained an average of 75%, without any failures. The required percentages shall be calculated using an average of the first semester final marks and the second semester mid-term marks. It is expected that the successful candidate maintain his/her academic standing while in office.

The School Administration reserves the right to remove from office a member who has not fulfilled his or her duties or has engaged in unethical behaviour (see BT Code of Student Behaviour/Ontario Safe Schools Code of Conduct) causing damage to the reputation of Student Council and/or Bishop Tonnos Catholic Secondary School, or is experiencing significant academic difficulty as a result of their Council commitments. All elected and appointed positions on Council MUST be approved by the School Administration before they commence their term on Council.