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Please keep the following important points in mind:

- semester 2 final exams begin on June 20, 2019 end on June 26, 2019
- students missing an exam because of vacation time or any other invalid reason, will be allocated a mark of zero
- students absent for an exam for medical reasons must provide a doctor's note, otherwise a mark of zero will be allocated
- students must be in full uniform
- electronic devices are not permitted in the examination areas
- all textbooks are to be returned to the course teacher prior to the exam
- in the event of school closure or bus cancellations (even if schools are open) exams will be pushed back to the next day (ex. Wednesday's exams will be written on Thursday)
- NOTE: Some courses will have in-class examinations outside the examination days. In-class examinations carry the same level of importance as exams written during the exam days and are subject to the same rules and guidelines.

The following websites are useful to assist students in preparing for exams:

Study Tips for Exams: ...
Study Guides and Strategies:
How to Study: ...
How to Study:
How to Improve Your Study Skills:

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