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School Prayer

School Prayer - Prayer of the Titans Written by: Demille Odoardi

Prayer of the Titans

Dear Lord,

Help us to promote an unconditional love for
one another, and be appreciative of the wondrous
blessings and people in our lives. Through a courteous
attitude, may we work together to serve the common
good. As we realize one another’s skills and uniqueness,
may we see each other equally, knowing we are all
made in the image and likeness of God.

May Your grace fill us through our school, parishes, and in
our community. Give us the strength to overcome hardships
and offer support to others. Remind us of the selfless love
that we have for our brothers and sisters. Grant us Your peace.
Fill us with everlasting love. Lord, we pray that we will
become strong leaders and visionaries.

May we look upon life in a positive way, and work
together to achieve all things. We thank You for
the education we are receiving, as well as the
opportunities that we may have in the future.
Father, let us unite as One School, sharing One Goal,
as we serve You, One Lord.

Written By: Demille Odoardi