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Student Success at Bishop Tonnos CSS

Student Success teachers (SST) in their mandate to increase the graduation rate, work closely with administrators, teachers, and students in the school community.
There are four key areas to Student Success in Schools (from the Ministry of Education, June 2006): Direct Student Advocacy, Student Monitoring, Staff Development in support of success initiatives, and Student Instruction.
A key role of the Student Success teacher is to monitor the progress of students of all grades, especially students in Grade 9 and 10, who may be experiencing difficulty in transitioning and achieving the credits required to graduate. The SST advocates for these students by collaborating with teachers to help students to maximize their potential and to achieve the marks they need to be successful in a course.
Furthermore, the SST supports students in their transition to secondary school and meets with the elementary feeder school principals and teachers to accomplish this goal.
The Student Success Office, located in Room 205, is considered an extension of the classroom and an alternate setting where students may come during their lunch or class with their teacher’s permission, to use the computers, complete homework, or at the discretion and request of the teacher, to receive assistance from the SST on tests and assignments. In addition, tips for study skills, note-taking, time-management, and preparation for tests and exams are readily available from the SST office to help students to improve work habits and learning skills.
The Student Success teacher is part of a team effort at Bishop Tonnos CSS, to support students to strive for academic excellence and achieve the success required to move forward to the workplace, apprenticeship, college, or university pathway.
For further information, contact Mr. L. Leombruni at Extension 3653 at the school regarding any concerns about your child’s progress. Parents are also welcome to visit the Student Success Office on Parent-Teacher Interview days.

Mr. L. Leombruni
Student Success Teacher